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While we wish you a save trip and a safe journey on your travels, we would like to implore you to check the Travel Health Advisory Bulletins as indicated by the Public Health Agency of Canada prior to your departure. Click here to be taken to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

We have listed some documents for informational purposes on some of the conditions/diseases that you would need to pay attention to during the course of your traveling. If there is any question, you should not hesitate to contact us.

For updates on the ZIKA VIRUS click HERE

For additional information and links to various health and health related information please click here!

New Hours!

New Hours!

Monday :            9:00 AM- 5.00 PM                             

Tuesday :            9:00 AM- 5.00 PM

Wednesday :     9:00 AM- 5.00 PM

Thursday:          9:00 AM- 7.00 PM

Friday :                9:00 AM- 5.00 PM

Saturday :         CLOSED

Sunday:            CLOSED

Kindly call clinic to confirm the specific time that our doctor would be at the clinic. The above hours indicate what time the clinic itself is opened!

Thank you.

DISCLAIMER:The information contained in the documents is being provided for general information purposes and is not meant to substitute in any way whatsoever for advice, medical care or treatment from a health care professional. Please consult your physician or other health care professional with any questions or inquiries. Nothing takes the place of speaking with your doctor or other health care professional. This information and your receipt thereof is not intended to be, nor shall it be deemed to be, informed consent by you to any medical care or treatment whatsoever.